The Goat Dairy Project

The Goat Dairy Project (TGDP) was established in 2008 and incorporated as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in 2012 as a business model to showcase and train local farmers with an interest in transitioning to sustainable income-generating production and marketing strategies for goat dairy products in Grenada.

Since its inception, TGDP has researched, quantified and analyzed data relating to dairy goat husbandry, production and marketing that can enable local farmers to secure their livelihoods and become less vulnerable to the injection of foreign food products into local markets.  As an innovative step toward farming independence, a test plot of Gliricidia is being sustainably grown to quantify its potential as a high-yield source to meet dairy goat nutritional requirements.

The overarching goal of TGDP is to engage and assist the development of local, sustainable agricultural initiatives that can operate independently on the island, thereby reducing the need to rely on import products that have been shown in many parts of the world to impoverish local farmers and undermine local financial infrastructures.  By helping to empower local farmers in this way, TGDP aims to contribute to robust, independent and food-secure economies in Grenada.

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