The Institute for Global Health and Health Policy

The Institute for Global Health and Health Policy is a U.S. registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization comprised of an affiliation of several initiatives whose core mission is to promote education, practice, research and policy in the field of Conservation Medicine – a discipline that explores the connections between human, animal and ecosystem health by exploring the root causes of contemporary declines in global wellness. Training efforts in the form of workshops currently focus on veterinary and ecology students (e.g., MARVET and CONSERVET), with plans to incorporate other professional disciplines such as medicine, public health, animal science, public policy, socioeconomics, education, ecological economics, agricultural economics and cultural anthropology – all of which are relevant to the complexities of wellness strategies in the global context.

A central thematic aim is to introduce students from multiple disciplines to each other at early stages in their careers to showcase the importance of a team approach in formulating solutions to health problems that cannot be achieved within the confines of a single profession. Targeted research efforts currently focus on the use of microbial genomic methodologies to track the spread of those genes that convey resistance to antimicrobials – genes that are threatening the efficacy of antimicrobials worldwide at an accelerating pace. The overarching mission of the Institute is, therefore, to adopt a broad-based, interdisciplinary, systemic approach to population and environmental health education, research and social policy that is actionable on a global scale.